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Heart Battles is an Adventure Dating Sim RPG 2.5d side-scrolling game in development focusing on the characters' stories. With the help of the power of defying hearts, battle the hearts of Oasis's university town residents. Make them love you more and more with each new victory in a battle of the heart.


• Turn-based battleagainst hearts.
• Progression based on each character's story arcs.
• A universe with elements mixing between utopias to dystopias.
• Map exploration in a sandbox game.
• Day, night, sleep, and going to college systems.

• And much more.

Turn-based Combat in the game Heart Battles
Nucouche Painting

Overview of visuals

• Visuals inspired by paintings
• 2.5D scenarios
• 2D characters
• Color pallets of the backgrounds change according to the time of day.
• And much more.

Laura from Heart Battles game
Vic2 from Heart Battles game

A unique universe

The story takes place in a unique universe 
created exclusively for the game using inspiration from great utopian and dystopian books: Brave New World, Steel Caves, Animal Farm, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, etc.

Luna from Heart Battles game

Future plans

• Creation of a female protagonist.

Continuation of game history with each new game update.
• More frames for animations.
• New locations for the Game Map.
• New powers for the main character
• Skins for the main character (zombie, vampire, robot, etc.)
• Skins for female characters.
• New items for stores and main character inventory.
• New characters and stories.
• And much more!

Alice from Heart Battles game
Heart Battles game logo
Heart Battles Game Characters
Heart Battles Game Characters
Heart Battles Game Characters
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