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Rachel from Heart Battles game
Heart Battles game logo

Who makes the game

I'm Glasses, a Brazilian indie NSFW game developer. Maybe you've played my games on the internet before.

I make everything in my games: script, drawings, programming, etc. I currently use Rpg Maker Mv as a game engine

for the production of Heart Blattes. My motto is to create characters that come to life for their unique characteristics,

create amazing stories and continuously improve my art.

Be my Patron

The Heart Battles Game is a project in development made by Glasses, financed through the Patreon website. I started developing the game about two years ago, in the first quarter of 2019. You've probably played the Alpha version, and the game is still early on its development to its final release version. Fund me to continue developing this game. You can do this on my Patreon page. Become my patron there. Every Dollar Matters!

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